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Slim 'N Lift Infused™

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. . . beyond shapewear™


Slim 'N Lift Infused™

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Slim N Lift Infused


instant shape, forever smooth™

Slim 'N Lift Infused™ shapewear is a new product unlike anything on the market, by providing a body shaping result while also smoothing and conditioning your skin when worn. Slim 'N Lift™ shapewear works by having the garment’s reinforced fabric zones shape and smooth your body’s uneven lumps and bumps, while simultaneously conditioning your skin as all-natural ingredients that are infused into the garment’s fabric are time-released into your skin.

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how it works

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Ingredients Include:


While it is slimming, it also is treating your body with nourishing ingredients that smooth, firm and tone. Ingredients like retinol, red algae, caffeine, shea butter, apricots, rose hip oil and vitamin e.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from Slim 'N Lift Infused™ shapewear?

Slim 'N Lift Infused™ is a skincare shapewear product that will not only make you look slimmer due to compression zones in the fabric, but smooth your skin at the same time! It is a scientific innovation that actually improves the appearance and feel of your skin by infusing skincare ingredients right into the garment.


How quickly will I see results?

You will see instant slimming results when you first put your Slim 'N Lift Infused™ garment on! The garment will help you look up to 3 sizes slimmer instantly with compression zones that give you a firm, trim look under any clothing. It will also immediately begin to target problem skin areas, such as uneven, unsightly, dry skin.


How long should I wear my Slim 'N Lift Infused™ garment for the smoothest skin results?

You can wear your Slim 'N Lift Infused™ garment 6 days a week, for up to 8 hours each day, for 4-6 weeks to obtain the best results. Discontinue use immediately if skin redness or irritation occurs.


How does Slim 'N Lift Infused™ shapewear work?

The fabric contains millions of microcapsule pearls. As you go through your daily routine...whether walking, doing things around the house, or working...the combination of your body heat and the massaging compression zones in the garment break open the pearls to release the formula's nourishing ingredients right into your skin. Problem areas are targeted and your skin is treated to effective ingredients that smooth and improve the texture and quality of your skin!


What are in the microcapsule pearls that smooth the skin?

The skin surface is treated with such proven skin toning ingredients as shea butter, apricot, rose hip oil, vitamin E, caffine, retinol and red algae. Together, in the Skintex® formula, your skin will be improved in texture and appearance. It will be pampered into smooth, silky, firmer skin!


Will I feel the infused ingredients on my skin after I take my Slim 'N Lift Infused™ garment off?

You will only feel the smoothness of your skin! You will never feel any oily residue, as the ingredients are all massaged into your skin. You will only feel silky, sexy, firmer skin!


How do I wash my Slim 'N Lift Infused™ garment?

We recommend washing in cold water by hand, using a mild detergent. You should lay the garment flat to dry.


Will the Skintex® formula stay active after washing?

You can wash and wear your garment and the special Skintex® ingredients will stay activated for approximately 10 washes. After that you will simply need to apply Slim 'N Lift Infused™ Skincarewear™ Spray to replenish its effectiveness. The product User Guide will provide detailed instructions.


Can I wear the garment even if I don't replenish the Skintex® formula?

Yes! Even without the active formula you still have a high quality slimming undergarment that will help you look your best in any clothing!


Can I use my Slim 'N Lift Infused™ garment after giving birth to help fit back into my clothes?

You can typically wear shapewear products as soon as one week after giving birth, although it is advisable to wait at least two weeks if you have had a C-section. However, every body is different, so you must check with your doctor for a professional opinion.


Is it safe to wear my Slim 'N Lift Infused™ shapewear after having surgery?

After certain surgeries, it may be recommended to wear products that wrap and constrict, however, after surgery you should consult your doctor before stepping into our shapewear.

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