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  1. The Perfect Dog® Max Results and Care Package

    The Perfect Dog® Max Results and Care Package

    Made a difference.

    I just started training with my dog a week ago. He is a year old and out of control. I didn't take him on walks for 6 months because he would pull me down. I got the gentle leader collar which was better and allowed me to walk him but he still would pull and jump at other dogs and people. I've only taken him on one walk with the command collar so far and he wasn't pulling at all by the end and still having a good time. I've done two dog classes with treats. He performed great when we have treats but ignores us when no food is involved. I like that he can get corrected to know that he has done something wrong and it isn't anything that really hurts him. Our major problem has been that he puts the kids' toys in his mouth the second anything hits the floor. It doesn't matter how many times I have yelled at him the second he puts it in his mouth but he would keep on doing it. I only had to correct him twice and he doesn't put their toys in his mouth anymore. People without kids may think


  2. The Perfect Dog® Fast Results Package

    The Perfect Dog® Fast Results Package

    Perfect Dog

    Great DVD in new condition. Received promptly and packed well. Sorry it took me awhile to review, but am in Mexico and kinda got to having too much fun!


  3. 2 Disc Training DVD Set

    2 Disc Training DVD Set


    The videos have help us to keep our dogs safe and well trained. I have suggested the videos to my friends at the dog parks. My wife loves the videos


  4. The Perfect Dog® Fast Results Package

    The Perfect Dog® Fast Results Package


    We bought this from "late night TV" a few years ago. When I saw the negative review, I had to write this. My son at the time was 15,and he trained our dog from what he learned on this DVD. We have a German Shorthair Pointer. He also watched the dog whisperer shows, but this video gave my son the "how to" to train a then 4 month old GSP. Now the dog is 78 pounds of well-behaved, command obeying, loving dog. Last year my son trained another family member's dog with these same methods. If you are serious about training your dog, this will do it


  5. The Perfect Dog® Max Results and Care Package

    The Perfect Dog® Max Results and Care Package

    Best dog training material I've used and it works!!

    I've had a number of dogs throughout these past 45 or so years. I've tried a number of dog training classes in an effort to train these dog on the basic commands etc. Don Sullivan's methods and philosophy on training dogs, I would have to say, is probably the best I've ever seen heard or used. The man knows his stuff. This is best the and most reasonable investment I've ever made as far as dog training is concerned. Finally there's someone who really, as I've said, knows his stuff. BP


  6. The Perfect Dog® Max Results and Care Package

    The Perfect Dog® Max Results and Care Package

    I felt justified!!

    I am no professional, just a dog lover who has had some great dogs over my life time so far. After viewing Don's CDs, I felt justified in how I have worked with my dogs over the years, learning from my own experiences and that was presented quite clearly by Don's instructions. Dogs want to please, but dogs also look to the "lead dog" for guidance. Most dog owners don't realize that they are not doing their dogs any favors by letting them get away with things with no discipline and training in place. Don's lessons are basically short, full of good technique, good advice, and you get a happy dog who trusts his owner. This training does not "break" a dog, it just develops the bond between you (the lead dog) and your pet. I've loved every dog I've owned, as each was different in termperament and personality, but all were loving and eager to please because they knew they were loved, and that included the discipline that each dog had regarding how to behave when out and about in public as we

    Ex Texan

  7. The Perfect Dog® Infomercial Configuration

    The Perfect Dog® Infomercial Configuration

    My excitable dog is much better behaved!

    I have a 4 year old toy Australian Shepherd that needed to learn some manners. Not terrible, but too obnoxious when visitors came over, when we come and go, etc. We bought the Don Sullivan training DVD and with very little effort, he is so much better behaved! Now I can go outside to get the mail without him running across the street to the park...he sits and waits nicely at the curb. He goes to bed and stays when commanded even when someone comes to the door. What a difference! The training makes sense and works! He has learned to obey and is much nicer to be around and now he gets to go with us more places. A sharp, quick pull on the training collar does the trick. The whole system works if you follow it. Happy training! :)


  8. The Perfect Dog® Infomercial Configuration

    The Perfect Dog® Infomercial Configuration


    Wow. Just wow. The results I have from this product and training method are unbelievable. My Rhodesian Ridge-back is extremely well behaved now, all thanks to Don Sullivan. When I first got Muffin, she was practically bouncing off the walls with an over-abundance of energy. She would tear up the carpet by zipping around the house and scratch up the hardwood flooring. I was determined not to give up on her, and I just happened to come across this website searching for a trainer. The Infomercial Configuration has been the best investment I've ever made!


  9. The Perfect Dog® Fast Results Package

    The Perfect Dog® Fast Results Package

    Thoroughly, Realistic and Fast

    Don Sullivan is knowledgeable and obviously cares about the animals he works with. Just like you want your children to have manners to better so they can get along in the world and stay safe, so you discipline them. Don uses the same approach with animals. He is right, the better behaved they are the more freedom they get. We have just begun, but the progress with our 18mth MinPin is phenomenal. None of his tactics are harsh, and although at first our dog did rebel a little, because he was used to running our house, he is now more loving and playful then ever. We all, including the dog, enjoy being together more. I would recommend it to anyone! It does take commitment, but well worth it.


  10. The Perfect Dog® Fast Results Package

    The Perfect Dog® Fast Results Package

    you gotta get this

    Great product, after a few days of training, saw outstanding results. I just wish I had more time at home to work with my dog on it.


  11. The Perfect Dog® Infomercial Configuration

    The Perfect Dog® Infomercial Configuration

    Best money ever spent

    Being so frustated with my stubborn 7 month old puppy, I decided to give this a try after seeing an infomercial about "the Perfect Dog". I received this video last Thursday, watched it Friday night, started my dog on the collar on Saturday. It is now Sunday as I am writing this review. Don Sullivan makes you realize that what you thought you knew about training dogs, or at least getting them to behave, is probably wrong. That dogs are smarter than we give them credit for. That the puppy I thought was so stubborn, is actually the smart one and is ruling this house, doing whatever he wants and not getting the proper and consistant correction. The collar is comfortable enough for my pup to wear all day, but gives a good little pinch when correction is needed. Let me say it has only been 24 HOURS, and I have seen a REMARKABLE difference in my dog. The collar and leash have been on all day yesterday. I worked with him on walking in the backyard, corrected him in the house a few times. I


  12. The Perfect Dog® Fast Results Package

    The Perfect Dog® Fast Results Package

    Really works!

    Don Sullivan does a great job teaching you how to train your dog and really changed my thoughts on treat training. Our second dog, Deuce was NOT motivated by food in any way, and we could not trust him outside without a leash so we finally decided to crack down and do some serious training. Deuce did really well inside, but once we got outside it took us a month of training everyday to get him to listen to us even with this DVD...but it worked! We were about to give up, but when he finally realized the faster he listened to us, the faster he got to start playing, it was easy. Dog training is not easy and it all depends on the dog, but this training video really saved us and gave Deuce more freedom and needed exercise. Even though our 3 dogs are not perfect dogs yet and we need to get back into our training routine, we still get compliments as to how good our dogs are. If they are being bad at the dog park, we can now put them in a down command as a time out and they will stay eve


  13. The Perfect Dog® Fast Results Package

    The Perfect Dog® Fast Results Package

    Weim daddy

    I have a seven month old blue Weimeraner that I bought from a breeder in Onterio, Oregon. The breeder recommended the program. Previously, as a dog owner, I have trained a lab, Siberian husky, and a half Weim Lab mix. With my first dog being a lab I trained my dog using the treat method that I learned from a dog training class. But as my lab got older and with the rest of my dogs I abandoned that method naturally. All of my dogs were well behaved. However, with my pure bread Weim I have learned that he has an incredible amount of will and energy and I was little match for him. In the presence of other dogs and people I had no control of him. He would jump on people and not listen to me to any of my commands. One week ago Don's DVD and command collar arrived in the mail. I have been working with him for about an hour a day mixed in with his play. In only a week he no longer pulls on the lead, barks at strange noises, and is responding in the presence of other dogs and people. I will


  14. 2 Disc Training DVD Set

    2 Disc Training DVD Set

    My dog was a menace to society...no more!

    We hardly ever walk our mini schnauzer because he is on his two hind legs choking the entire time. I purchased this DVD in hopes of just being able to take a normal walk with him. We spoke with a trainer who said schnauzers are really hard to train and stubborn, probably a waste of money hiring a trainer. We have had the DVD for one week and already our dog is being amazing. The walks are wonderful he walks right next to us without pulling and when he sees a child or other dog, he doesn't get crazy! I am really impressed. Hoping that we can train him to stop jumping on people who come into the house next. Will keep you posted! Victoria


  15. The Perfect Dog® Max Results and Care Package

    The Perfect Dog® Max Results and Care Package

    Extremely satisfied

    We (myself, husband, daughter-20, son-22) have 2 dogs: a female Australian Sheppard (45lbs) and a male pound puppy (part German Sheppard-65lbs). They are both just over 1 year old. There is no real dominating dog. However, I did not realize how dominate the dogs were over the humans in the house and how many bad behaviors they had. They can do the basic commands (sit, shake, stay and come) while in our house but take them outside and they are uncontrollable. They would pull so much when on a leash that as they got bigger, they were too strong for me to walk. I had no control over them. Within 10 minutes of walking the dogs (separately) with Don Sullivan’s collar, the dogs were not pulling anymore. Yes. It is true. It works. When walking the dogs with normal collars, they would constantly choke themselves but not with Don’s collar. That alone was worth the money. There are other commands that our dogs have learned within the 2 ½ weeks we’ve been training them and th


  16. The Perfect Dog® Fast Results Package

    The Perfect Dog® Fast Results Package

    It's Working well

    I bought this system for my 2 dogs (one 3 y/o Terrier mix, and one 11 y/o Black Lab). I've been using this system for 5 days in roughly 30-45 minute segments each day. My Lab would NEVER in 11 years walk on the leash right. I kid you not after 20 minutes my lab, who would never walk on a leash without choking was able to walk around the neighborhood with no problems and does better each day. So far because I am keeping to one command per day with a couple days of just rehashing what has already been learned he is able to sit, lay down and stay (under distraction) for 10 minutes, maybe longer I haven't pushed for longer yet. As for my Terrier she would not walk on a leash at all. Prior to this program she would drop to the ground and refuse to move (muling). After 5-10 minutes of light tugging and some yelping from the dog (not from pain she yelps at everything) we were also able to walk around the neighborhood with no issues. She can now walk with me everywhere with the leash draggi


  17. The Perfect Dog® - Collar with DVD

    The Perfect Dog® - Collar with DVD

    Review of video and collar

    I got my dog from a shelter last summer and though she isn't an unruly dog she does have some problems I wanted to address. Pulling on the leash when walking, digging, sitting under the table when we eat, we have a toddler, etc. I saw the infomercial and checked on some other reviews online. I ordered it and watched the video. His philosophy on training dogs makes a lot of sense. I had a trainer come several months ago and they were little to no help, so when I put his methods to practice I was sceptical. Within 10 minutes of the training my dog stopped pulling on the leash and would walk beside me. The method is to make a quick jerk of the collar to correct behavior, its not injuring the dog only showing them that it is more beneficial to follow the alphas commands willingly than not. Also the down command is fundimental to the whole process because its the sign from the dog that they are willing to submit to you which makes every other command you teach them stick and work. This is a


  18. The Perfect Dog® Infomercial Configuration

    The Perfect Dog® Infomercial Configuration

    DogFather is an understatement

    I first got this video when I got my first dog Rain; she was a German Shep. My husband was deployed and he said the only way I could keep her was if by time he got home I had her fully trained. I saw how the stores trained their dogs with treats and I was not to happy with that. I personally feel that if I do not give my children a "treat" or snack every time they do something correct I am not going to give my dog one! This video amazed me on the commerical when I saw the man go inside and leave his dog off the leash under a tree and he did not move, or when the woman was vaccuuming the floor and her dog remained still. I wanted this video for that alone. My dog was sooooo trained that I had police officers wanting to buy her off of me and military spouses wanting me to train their dogs. Rain died and I got another German Shep named Michael. When I got him he was wild. Running all over the place. Soon as I got him in the house I enforced the standards that I viewed on Don's video. That


  19. The Perfect Dog® Fast Results Package

    The Perfect Dog® Fast Results Package

    Love the training method

    My husband is disabled, and we lost our poodle after 15years and we had empty nest going on. So we got a Blue Heeler. In researching this type of dog with lots of energy my husband seen Don's commercial and decided that would be a great way to train our Blue Heeler. I was not sure of the collar but in watching the video I decided to try it and I love it. Indiana is a very strong willed pup and has days of strong will. When I am lost in what to do I go back to the basics and it works. I love the video! Indiana is almost a year old and he is a great dog. I love the fact Indiana is not treat trained. The best advice I can give is, constancy...


  20. Command Collar® and Training Lines

    Command Collar® and Training Lines


    I started to use this collar at 14 wks old and now over 6 years I will continue to use it. Best way to train your dog to walk with you not pull you down the street.. Just added a new puppy this year. Definitely will be using it on our new addition to the family. Thank You Don your command collar works. Returning customer since 2008.


  21. The Perfect Dog® Infomercial Configuration

    The Perfect Dog® Infomercial Configuration

    Great gift!

    Bought this for my husband. He loves it and he said it has helped him with dog training. It came with cd and leash.

    jedi jen

  22. The Perfect Dog® Infomercial Configuration

    The Perfect Dog® Infomercial Configuration

    A miracle!

    We have a dog that always had to be kenneled for the safety of our 5 kids. I told husband we have to do something its not fair to the kids or the dog. Then late one night I saw an infomercial for Don Sullivans secrets to training the perfect dog. In less than an hour, my dog was not jumping, biting, just walking nicely with us and was doing down and sit command. A MIRACLE!!!! I never thought it was possible. Some may be common sense but none of my other dogs had these behaviors. I would tell everyone to buy this product and on thane.com you can do it in payment plan if you need! LOVE IT we can finally enjoy our dog!!!!!Don Sullivan's Secrets to Training the Perfect Dog DVD & Accessory Kit


  23. The Perfect Dog® Max Results and Care Package

    The Perfect Dog® Max Results and Care Package

    Best dog training system by far. Quick Effective and Priceless

    This is an amazing set. I actually ordered it from "thane.com". The CONCEPT: Get the dog you've always wanted by becoming a perfect dog owner. The GOAL: To have a dog that will respect and see you as the pact leader causing him/her to listen to and obey you no matter what is going on. The WORK: You do have to spend some time in training sessions of up to 45 min. once a day for a while in the beginnig. Then everything you learn can be incorporated into the everyday stuff everyday through being a good dog owner through living with, walkin', and playing with. The Problems: Their really are not any but you do need everyone in your house family to be on the same page with you and your dog or not give any commads to the dog. Although the video and equipment make it fairly easy and they even have a training and kids segmant. The COMMAND COLLAR: amazing amazing amazing. does not hurt the dog and gives me and even my mother perfect control of my dog. OVERALL THIS HAS TO BE THE

    Michael A

  24. The Perfect Dog® Infomercial Configuration

    The Perfect Dog® Infomercial Configuration

    Excellent Product

    "My husband and I have a new dog! I mean that metaphorically speaking. Actually, I need to clarify...we are in the process of ""getting"" a new dog. Duke has always been such a handful and recently he pushed me to my limits. I had emailed a no-kill animal shelter here in town to see if they had room for him. Honestly, I was heartbroken and something had to change. My brother, heard about the problems I was having and told me about something his in-laws did with their dog. She is such a well-behaved dog and I thought it was just her personality. Little did I know Duke could achieve it as well! Thank heavens. I have recently started correcting a few of my actions as well as correcting a few of Duke's bad behaviors. I have already begun to see a change, for the better, in Duke and I love it! For example: Duke pulls so much on leashes. Walks, honestly, are a nightmare with him. I can handle it, and have, for the past 2 years; but that doesn't mean I have enjoyed any of it. My tiny body


  25. The Perfect Dog® Infomercial Configuration

    The Perfect Dog® Infomercial Configuration

    Very pleased

    I was very pleased with this DVD. He explains and shows very clearly how to train a dog and correct unwanted behavior problems. There is nothing in this video that could be called abusive, in fact he very clearly states that the training method is firm but warns there is no excuse for abusing your dog. There is a distinct difference. You must be firm and consistent in order for the dog to understand that the human is in charge, then all other training is much easier. By no means are the animals in this DVD being abused. Listen and read and learn how to train a dog or puppy for their well-being and your enjoyment of dog ownership. As far as receiving and condition of the product, I purchased the DVD without the training aids and wish I had purchased the training collar. The product came much quicker than the estimated time, was packaged well, and was as described. The only problem I had with it was learning how to move around in the video on my computer. I needed to right click to in


  26. The Perfect Dog® Fast Results Package

    The Perfect Dog® Fast Results Package

    Amazing Advice, Recommend to all my Dog loving friends!

    I have had dogs all my life, and I learned so much watching this video. It has helped me train a stubborn Dachshund, and Chihuahua. My 12 year old daughter is currently working on her new puppy using the video. I only wish I would have gotten to use it with my 2 Lab's- before they were hit & killed, maybe they'd still be with us? It's so much more fun to have dogs you can take anywhere, because you know they will behave & listen to you. So much safer too. If you love your dog, and want it to have a happy life by your side (instead of left at home in a kennel) get this video & take a few minutes each day to teach your dog, it's worth it.


  27. The Perfect Dog® Infomercial Configuration

    The Perfect Dog® Infomercial Configuration

    It's Working!

    I purchased the POOP book from Amazon & the training system from a late night infomercial - now using about a week. What a difference in my dogs! Not only are they behaving better, but they seem so much happier in spite of the corrections, because they now actually understand what I want from them and what I won't tolerate. They are so anxious to please me! Don Sullivan says to FIRST watch the dvd's more than once to get the full idea and content of the system and that is the MOST IMPORTANT thing to do. I watched all of it twice before starting with my dogs and it was easy to identify where the most work was needed and what I had been doing wrong in the past. And it IS work.... I had to train Myself first! If you actually listen and do what Don says, dog and owner are both happier. Get the system only if you are willing to put in the effort. Put in the effort and get rewarded big time. Oh- and get rid of the retractable leash!!! Walking is so much easier now!

    Sam & Johnny

  28. The Perfect Dog® Infomercial Configuration

    The Perfect Dog® Infomercial Configuration

    This system is the best!

    We had an aggressive small dog, this system is remarkable. We can now walk him with any pulling after only one time of training. The DVD is so very informative, we learnt allot about things we were doing wrong and how to correct what we did to better control our dog. Our dog is 6 1/2 years old, was barking allot and was getting worse. He barked at almost anything, even the furnace turning on. Now he is quiet. Not so aggressive about food either! This system is a blessing. We have only used it 4 days, have lots more training to do. I was about ready to put the dog down, because the aggression was increasing and increasing. A neighbor got a dog late fall and was walking him past our house, we live in the country, and this cause a sharp increase in barking and aggression. Now he is so much better. Thank you so much!

    Happy Farmer

  29. The Perfect Dog® Infomercial Configuration

    The Perfect Dog® Infomercial Configuration

    Extremely Pleased

    I ordered the systems, because even though I had fairly well managed dogs, I had persistent problems with my lab and cockapoo (mainly just spoiled)....the usual, barking at passing cars or trucks, ignoring certain commands, surfing the counter for food, etc. I bought the system and truthfully, I fixed these after 2-3 corrections as shown...and not very aggressive corrections, I might add. Do yourself a huge favor! If you are having dog issues, this will teach you to handle...and quickly. I have both dogs doing perfect, sit, down, stay, and come...everytime. This is with just four days of 15-20 minutes a day. I am now working on begging for food and down from a distance. The other thing the videos don't really mention, but I have found it to be true is this..."the dogs enjoy the training, because they like time spent with you." I have recommended to a friend from church and she is ordering...you should also.


  30. The Perfect Dog® Fast Results Package

    The Perfect Dog® Fast Results Package

    great product

    bought this for my son and his doberman. the dog got so big so fast but still had puppy brain my son and i worked with the disc by dogfather as we now have a beautifully trained perfect doberman. If you have a beautiful dog make him trained so everyone will know how beautiful he is.


  31. Command Collar® and Training Lines

    Command Collar® and Training Lines

    Unbelievable Results

    Fabulous!!! It is beyond belief how this collar works. And so quickly. I'd carry flyers to hand out if I could. I walk in our neighborhood park where there are other people walking their dogs and I'd love to carry flyers about the Command collar to give them. The DVD that comes with the collar is also very good. My dog is small (10 pounds) ) but with a very high pitched, screaming voice. The command collar let him know not to do that in a very short time. Amazing results for a problem I had coped with for a very long time.


  32. The Perfect Dog® Fast Results Package

    The Perfect Dog® Fast Results Package

    long lasting results

    Seven years ago (or thereabouts) I bought the Perfect Dog system. At the time, I had a 10 year old wolf hybrid that had come into my life 5 years previously. I had tried SO many different training methods and products to keep Frosty from pulling on the lead while walking and had given up. (Gentle Lead, Halti, choke chains and prong collars, to name a few.) She was totally oblivious to any food training I tried - I don't care what kind of treat I tried to bribe her with. I was convinced there was nothing that would work with her and we would never walk together. She was, after all, not a regular dog. Don's system changed all that. Within a matter of days Frosty quit pulling on the leash. We were able to walk through the neighborhood easily and with no reactionary upsets and yanking because of other dogs. She also learned all the basics, with the hand signals. The hand signals come in handy as she got older and was losing her hearing. Today, I am purchasing another set of the DVD's

    Furry Godmother

  33. The Perfect Dog® Max Results and Care Package

    The Perfect Dog® Max Results and Care Package

    Very pleased...Not Abusive!!

    My parents adopted a 3yr old German short hair pointer Lab mix about 4 months ago. Needless to say this dog had behavioral issues. He did not listen at all. He is an extremely sweet dog and loves people, but he is extremely aggressive toward other animals (of any kind). My parents have been working with him and he knows all his commands. I was at my parents house and my dad raised his arm while we were talking and the dog sat down. Ha ha. What a great dog. We weren't even addressing the dog and he knew the command. He is currently being trained to walk off leash and not attack anything that moves (cats, birds, other dogs etc). He is doing fantastic. After all this...I just adopted a dog about a month and 1/2 ago. He is a Aussie/Beagle mix. Sweetest guy ever and really just wants to be loved on. This dog is stubborn though and the only command he is showing me he knows is to sit. (if he decides to listen to me at all) The adoption agency was working with him very closely and trying t


  34. The Perfect Dog® Infomercial Configuration

    The Perfect Dog® Infomercial Configuration

    the best money I spent on my dog!

    imagine if he had ever got hit by a car,he never did though,but it still scared the mess outta me; and now that I got kids if our current dog ran out in the street they would be endangered by possibly getting hit by a car if they went after him like I used to go after our old dog. It is worth it to train your dog,and this is the best and simplest training video I have ever used. Thanks Don


  35. The Perfect Dog® Max Results and Care Package

    The Perfect Dog® Max Results and Care Package

    It is working for my Pit Bull puppy!

    I have a Stafford-shire Terrier (aka Pit Bull) puppy, and took note of the warnings in the video. After reading the instructional booklet and watching the DVD, I decided to still pursue this for the training for my dog. It is VERY effective! She was becoming a bit rowdy, and was starting to test her boundaries as to who would be alpha of our family. Nothing serious, but not listening to my command either, I think she has selective hearing. I understand that this breed has a bad rap and it is unfortunate. I also understand that there are undeniable genetic characteristics to each breed of dog, and that this specific breed is very loyal to its family, but had a very strong jaw. I want to make sure that jaw knows its place in the order of society, and our home.


  36. The Perfect Dog® Max Results and Care Package

    The Perfect Dog® Max Results and Care Package

    Worth every penny

    Like most folks, I'm a skeptic about anything infomercial. I saw Don's commercial one morning while changing channels, and since we have a 6 month old Rottweiler and 7 month old Golden Retreiver,I watched what he had to say. Dog trainers, at least in this part of the world (CT) are ridiculously expensive and you\'re looking at a small fortune when all is said and done using one over a period of time. So I bought the DVD's and set about applying his methods. And they work, period. Our dogs have dramatically improved in their behavior, and I can see that will only improve as time goes on with further training. Everything is easily explained for the common dog owner with no training experience. You probably think the way I do when reading any positive review on a website for a mass produced teaching item that is for sale. I take it with a grain of salt. But trust me, I'm just a regular Joe who's life with my dogs has been greatly improved using The Perfect Dog methods. Do yourself a fav


  37. The Perfect Dog® Max Results and Care Package

    The Perfect Dog® Max Results and Care Package

    An Absolute Great Product, So Worth the Money

    Queenieandme I saw the commercial on cable and decided to give it a try. I watched the video and learned how to adjust the collar to fit my large German Shepherd. She's two and a half years old. This was the best walk I could remember. It was so awesome, I actually walked her instead of her pulling me along for the ride. When she'd speed up, I gently pull on the leash and she'd slow down. I had to pull the leash about three times before she actually adjusted her speed. I didn't use any of the leashes that came with it (kit includes 3 sizes), I used her regular 5 foot leash. We walked for about 30 minutes. After about 10 minutes, she had slowed down to where the leash was extended the full length, but not pulling at all. After about 20 minutes, she was walking right beside me at my pace and the leash was just hanging. I was initially concerned about using the collar, but there are no sharp parts, the collar left no marks, and my dog is fine. I even tried it around my neck to see how


  38. The Perfect Dog® Infomercial Configuration

    The Perfect Dog® Infomercial Configuration

    I was amazed!

    My husband and I have a 1 1/2 year old German Shepherd who does not get along well with other people and who will listen to me when he wants to. We had a trainer who gave up on us. We tried training him with treats on our own. None of the "normal training" we tried worked. Within the first 10 minutes of using this collar we saw a complete difference in him! We can walk him with no problem, he has learned new commands and will actually do them when he is told. We have even been able to take him to walk in a park with many people and their dogs. I will buy one of these collars for every dog I get!


  39. The Perfect Dog® Max Results and Care Package

    The Perfect Dog® Max Results and Care Package

    Definitely worth every penny!

    I watched an infomercial on this late at night. Like all infomercials, I was extremely skeptical but I was desperate to find something to help our out of control dog. I read review after review and as another poster stated, I could not find anything negative except from those who had never tried it or didn't believe in the corrections. I ordered the product directly from Thane, along with all of the "extras" that were offered. It showed up in about a week or so (I chose expedited delivery, also). I watched the videos and began training my dog the next morning. It literally took us 5 minutes to learn the down command. I can't say enough good about this product. My husband had given up on our dog and suggested that we find a different home for him. Now we have a dog that we take everywhere and receive several compliments from people on how well behaved he is. Thank you, Don Sullivan!


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