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Red Fusion® Heat Wrap Basic

  • 2x Red Fusion® Hand Warmers
  • ISO Soft™ Adjustable Belt
  • Instruction Sheet

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Red Fusion® heat wraps are the new breakthrough for soothing warmth where and when you need it! Just snap the activation disc to trigger the Crystal-Fusion reaction. In seconds, the Red Fusion® wrap transforms from room temperature to a comfy 130°F!

Reusable over and over again, the Red Fusion® heat wraps are designed to last. Once the heat wrap cools, just place it in boiling water in order to return it to its “ready state”. In minutes, your heat wrap is ready for reuse.

Because there’s no power cord to tie you down or smelly/greasy oils to stain your clothes, you can use the Red Fusion® heat wraps anywhere, anytime. Red Fusion® heat answers the call without fail, over and over again.

The Red Fusion® Crystal-Fusion reaction is a natural process that reaches a peak temperature of 130°F in a matter of seconds. Best of all, the soothing warmth radiates and lasts for a surprisingly long time, gradually cooling as it comforts and soothes.

Red Fusion® heat wraps feel so great because once the reaction is triggered, the natural liquid crystallizes into a soft malleable gel that shapes and conforms to your unique body contours. We call this the Mold N Hold® effect that focuses the Red Fusion® warmth right where you want it. Plus, since the wrap conforms to you, the Mold N Hold® effect helps keep it in place even when you move and shift about.


We know Red Fusion® heat wraps will amaze you from the moment you trigger the snap. In fact, we are so sure that you’ll love the Red Fusion® experience that we back each order with an unconditional satisfaction guarantee. If, for whatever reason you choose to return your Red Fusion® heat wraps, we refund 100% of your purchase price plus your original S&P. You have virtually nothing to lose!

Frequently Asked Questions

Relieve stress and tension

  • How long do the Red Fusion® heat wraps stay hot?
    Red Fusion® heat wraps stay warm for a surprisingly long time. Generally, the larger the wrap, the longer it retains heat. The hand warmers provide constant heat for 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the environment in which they are used. The rectangular “back” pad can provide constant heat for up to two hours. The oversized neck and shoulder wrap can provide soothing heat for up two hours or more.
  • Is there a way to maximize the Red Fusion® heating time?
    If you insulate or cover your Red Fusion® heat wraps by keeping them in your pocket, sleeping bag, or any other type of heat retaining cover, you can prolong your heating time. Another trick is to knead your Red Fusion® heat wraps after the crystal-fusion process, to increase their temperature. This will also keep them soft and malleable.
  • How many times can each Red Fusion® heat wrap be used?
    With proper care and regeneration, each Red Fusion® heat wrap can be used virtually an unlimited amount of times. The only thing that can prevent them from being reused is if the exterior skin is damaged or punctured, in which case the affected pad(s) should be disposed of.
  • What do I need to do to regenerate a Red Fusion® heat wrap that has crystallized?
    To regenerate or “recharge” a crystallized Red Fusion® heat wrap, you simply place it in a pot of boiling water for a few minutes until the crystals return to liquid state. When regenerating the wraps, do not allow the wrap to contact the bottom of the pot you are using to boil the water. The easiest way to prevent this is to use something like a silicone steamer or even a towel or a dishcloth between the wrap and the bottom of the pot. Easy to follow directions are included with each product and the typical regeneration process takes a few minutes.
  • Do Red Fusion® wraps lose their effectiveness?
    No. Once properly regenerated, Red Fusion® heat wraps perform normally like a new unit.
  • What are Red Fusion® wraps made of?
    Each Red Fusion® heat wrap has a strong PVC vinyl exterior skin, which is very durable. The interior liquid is a proprietary mix of non-toxic ingredients including vinegar, water, and a special type of salt. The activation disc is simple steel.
  • What happens if one of my Red Fusion® heat wraps tears or is punctured?
    If you puncture or tear a Red Fusion® heat wrap while it is in the liquid state, it will trigger the crystal-fusion reaction for the last time. Promptly dispose of any punctured or torn Red Fusion® heat wraps. If the Red Fusion® crystals come in contact with your skin, simply wash the area with warm, soapy water. Avoid contact with your eyes, mouth and sensitive skin areas. Never eat or swallow Red Fusion® liquid or crystals.
  • Can Red Fusion® heat wraps be frozen or chilled?
    Red Fusion™ heat wraps are not designed to be used as cold packs or wraps. Placing Red Fusion® heat wraps in the freezer will also trigger the crystal-fusion reaction. If this occurs, simply allow the wraps to return to room temperature, then commence the regeneration process.
  • Will my Red Fusion® wrap undergo the crystal-fusion on its own after I follow the regeneration process?
    To fully regenerate each Red Fusion® heat wrap, you must boil it thoroughly until all the crystals are completely dissolved. During the regeneration process, make sure all crystals return to liquid state.