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H2O X5 Steam Mop

Deodorize & help sanitize floors, carpets, windows & more with this award winning 5-in-1 ...

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Bike Nook

Securely store your bike “up and away,” in an instant as you free up valuable floor space.

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Ab Doer 360

Fun, high-energy muscle toning and calorie burning in seated padded comfort.

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Total Flex L

A complete strength training system in a compact package

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H2O HD Steam Mop

Our most advanced steam mop sanitizes and deodorizes without chemicals for a high-definition clean.

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H2O SteamFX Pro

Clean top to bottom with a powerhouse that combines a hand-held steamer with a floor steam mop.

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Pilates Power Gym

Pilates & Strength Training in One Machine - Elevate Your Workout Experience. Quick Transiti...

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BodyBuzz Muscle Massager

BodyBuzz Muscle Massager helps you to ease muscle & soothe tightness and helps improve circul...

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H2O iGo Hybrid Steam Mop

The All New H2O iGO Cordless Steam Mop Is Perfect For Cleaning Vinyl, Laminate, Sealed Hardwood, ...

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Bike Nook Turbo

Fits e-bikes, wide-tire bikes, and more. Securely store your bike “up and away,” in an instant as...

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Ab Doer Elite

The latest Ab Doer! Features new Mobility Mode for extra stretching benefits.

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Bike Nook GO

  Take Your BikeNookTM Go Anywhere! The BikeNook™ GO Bike Stand is designed for the modern cyclis...

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Feel the power of chemical free cleaning in your hand with this amazing hand-held steamer.

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H2O HD Dual Buff

New 8-in-1: Double the Cleaning Power, Half the Effort All-In-One Steam Mop, Floor Polisher, Scru...

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Innovative, affordable, and effective fitness solutions for everyone. Whether an athlete or just starting out, Thane Fitness has an exercise machine designed specifically for each person’s goals. At Thane Fitness, we make fitness fun!

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For over 14 years, H2O has helped millions clean, sanitize, and deodorize with lab proven, water-based cleaning products. Experience the H2O cleaning difference with innovative economical and eco-friendly products are the perfect way to safely clean with confidence and protect you and your family!

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Thane is committed to finding simple solutions for everyday problems. Our houseware division includes tools we have developed and created with one goal in mind – to make the lives of our customers easier!

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Hear From Our Customers

Carol R. - Verified Buyer on September 1, 2021

So happy to find a storage solution that didn't have to be bolted to the wall! The Nook is a terrific way to store our 2 bikes in our NYC apartment. No instability, and super easy assembly.

Amanda W. - Verified Buyer on September 13, 2020

I love it. When you use the AB Doer you can actually feel your muscles have been worked. I love the instruction videos. The first one is 15 minutes long, which is great when you don't have much time but wand a quick work out.

Robert A. - Verified Buyer on September 7, 2021

The H2O mop is a fantastic & easy mop to use. It cleans & deodorizes at the same time without using any chemicals only water & glides does easy on floors.

Mark H. - Verified Buyer on May 21, 2021

I have used the stepper 12-15 times and so far it is doing what I expected. it is easy to use, helps the circulation, and works well for those of us who can't get around as much as we did in our younger days. I am pleased with the purchase.