Counterfeit Advisory

Although Thane dedicates substantial resources to deter, detect and disrupt the criminal counterfeiting of our products, including partnering with law enforcement and customs and requiring our wholesale customers to follow strict guidelines regarding resale to end-consumers. These counterfeits and knock-offs are, by their nature, of unknown safety and quality, thereby putting at risk often unsuspecting consumers who mistakenly believe they are buying authentic Thane merchandise.

Genuine products purchased directly from Thane or Thane’s authorized retailers have been certified to all applicable safety and product quality standards. In contrast, counterfeits and knock-offs are typically of dubious quality and may in certain cases fail to comply with local and international safety regulations and guidelines, resulting in an unacceptable risk of property damage and/or personal injury. Customers are specifically cautioned from purchasing what appear to be genuine Thane products from online auction and marketplace websites, as these are known sources of counterfeits and inferior quality knock-offs.

If you are unsure about whether a Thane product you wish to purchase online is genuine, please feel free to contact

By purchasing a genuine Thane product, you can be 100% certain that:

You will be buying the original, quality, As-Seen-on-TV product;
The product is certified to all applicable safety and product quality standards;
The product will be covered and serviced under Thane’s limited warranty;
You will typically have 30 days to return the product for a full refund of the purchase price (excluding shipping and handling charges.)