Product Manuals

5 in 1 Kitchen Grater

9 Minute Marinator

12 Day Slim Down Guide

  • 12 Day Slim Down Guide in (PDF, 140 KB)
    The complete 12 Day Slim Down Guide in PDF format. This comes with some Thane Fitness products.

AB-DOer, AB-DOer Pro

Ab Doer 360™

Ab Doer Twist™ Owner’s Manual (PDF, 3.28 MB)

Bike Nook™

FlavorStone™ Cookware

Flavorwave Oven® (discontinued), Flavorwave Oven® Deluxe

Flavorwave Oven® Turbo

Flavorwave Powerstick™


H2O Mop®

H2O Mop® Ultra

H2O Mop® X5™

H2O Portable Steamer

H2O SteamFX™ Pro

H2O Vac®

Klear Action® Whitening Light

Le Presse

OrbiTrek, OrbiTrek Platinum, OrbiTrek Pro (discontinued)

Orbitrek Elite

Slim ‘N Lift Supreme

Slim ‘N Lift Supreme Comfort

Rockin Abs

The Perfect Dog®

Tone ‘N’ Glide

Total Flex®

Total Vibes

Tourmaline Ceramic Styler

The Perfect Dog® Fun Fetch Ball

The Perfect Dog® Freedom Training Lines Instructions

The Perfect Dog® Command Collar® Instructions