7 facts about cleaning that might surprise you

7 facts about cleaning that might surprise you

Housework is a fact of life. You probably clean your home every week, if not several times a week, without ever really thinking about it. Yet you’d be surprised how important it is to keep your home not just clean but hygienically clean. Here are 7 facts about cleaning that may shock you, plus some advice on how to make light work of your household chores.

  1.  Kitchen sinks contain more germs than toilet seats
    You tend to think of your bathroom as being pretty dirty. But the fact that it gets flushed so regularly helps to keep it clean. Your kitchen sink on the other hand is often a breeding ground for germs. That’s why we recommend the Thane H2O e3, which uses salt and electrolyzed water to disinfect any surface you choose.

  2. Germs can live on surfaces for 3 days
    You might have come across this fact during the pandemic. If you were able to borrow books from your local library, you were likely told that when returned they had to be ‘quarantined’ for 72 hours. This is because coronavirus, and indeed most viruses, can stay on surfaces for 3 days. Another reason to use your Thane H2O e3 to keep your surfaces hygienically clean.

  3. Over half of people don’t use soap when washing hands at public toilets
    Eww! This is pretty gross, but apparently it’s true. More than 50% of people who use public toilets don’t use soap when washing their hands. To be fair, when you go to a public toilet, you have no control over whether there’s actually any soap available. Perhaps it’s always best to come prepared…

  4. Most carpet stains can be removed if cleaned as soon as possible
    Spilling something on the carpet feels like a disaster – especially if you spill something that stains, like wine, or tomato sauce. But actually, if you tackle the stain sooner rather than later, you’ll generally find that it’ll come right out. Especially if you use a Thane H2O steam cleaner. What’s great about cleaning with steam is that it’s powerful enough to lift the stain out, but gentle on your carpet fibres.

  5. The average person spends 2 years cleaning their home
    If you ever feel you’ve spent all day cleaning, well, you probably have. The average person spends around 2 years of their life cleaning their home! Ten minutes here, twenty minutes there. It all adds up to a lot of time keeping your home looking its best.

  6. You can wash your kitchen floors with mouthwash
    It makes sense when you think about it. Mouthwash is basically sold as a way of keeping your mouth hygienically clean. So it stands to reason it should do a reasonable job of cleaning your floors too. Of course, if you don’t like the idea of cleaning with chemicals – and a lot of people don’t – try cleaning with a Thane H2O steam cleaner instead. They cut through grease and grime, and kill bacteria, all with nothing but water.

  7. Antibacterial cleaners need a good 60 seconds to kills germs
    This is common mistake a lot of people make. When you’re cleaning your kitchen or bathroom, you squirt a bit of antibacterial spray and wipe it away. Bingo – your surface is clean! Except it isn’t. Most supermarket anti-bacterial sprays take at least a minute to kill germs. A better bet is to use your Thane H2O e3. The powerful antioxidant it creates with salt and electrolyzed water kills germs instantly, leaving you surfaces both clean and disinfected, with no waiting around.

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