How to make spring cleaning fun and even get fit at the same time

How to make spring cleaning fun and even get fit at the same time

Your H2O HD Steam Cleaner is designed to make cleaning your home simple and easy. But who says you can’t have fun while you’re doing it too? In fact, some people tell us they use their cleaning time as an opportunity to get fit. With that in mind, here are a few ideas for putting the fun – and the fitness – into your housework.

Lunge round the kitchen floor

The kitchen floor can get dirty pretty quickly. It’s a magnet for cooking spills, muddy paw prints and more. Fortunately, your H2O HD Steam Cleaner is designed to make light work of grimy kitchen floors. Either the super-hot steam cuts through the dirt, or if you have the H2O e3™ Cleaning System, the clever S-Water does the same job. With it being so effortless to clean the floor, why not add in a few lunges? Take a large step and stretch forward every time you push your H2O HD Steam Cleaner along the floor – see how many you can do before the floor is sparkling clean!

Carry your cleaner up and down the stairs

Your H2O HD Steam Cleaner is designed to be lightweight and easy to use. You’ll probably have noticed that yourself as you carry it up or down the stairs. But actually, going up and down the stairs is a great way to exercise in its own right. It’s low impact but puts enough strain on your legs to get your heart rate up and your blood pumping. So next time you need to do your upstairs cleaning, why not do a few ‘reps carrying your H2O HD Steam Cleaner first up the stairs, then down again – see how many reps you can do.

Stretch up and around your windows

Let’s be honest, cleaning the windows isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. But we’ve got a way of making it more fulfilling at least. We’re all spending more time indoors these days and often that means more time sat down. So, here’s a way to get up and about and do your back some good at the same time. Take your H2O HD Steam Cleaner, pop on the window cleaning attachment and give your windows a clean. Only this time, add in some stretches. Stand to the right of the window and stretch all the way left to clean, feeling the stretch down the side of your back. Then, repeat from left to right.

Try some forward bends when cleaning the bathroom

Your H2O HD Steam Cleaner makes cleaning the bathroom a breeze. The powerful steam makes light work of even the toughest soap scum. With that in mind, next time you come to tackle the shower tray or bath, why not focus on your posture and stretching instead? With your knees slightly bent and your legs shoulder-width apart, bend towards the shower tray, or bath, until you feel a nice stretch in your lower back. You don’t have to overdo it – just enough until you feel a pleasant lengthening of the spine.

Blast your favourite tunes

Pretty much any task can be improved with the right soundtrack. So, if you need something to improve your mood while tackling the cleaning, try sticking your favorite music on. Better yet, throw open the windows, turn up the volume and let your playlist take it away. A good trick you can play on yourself is to make a playlist, then work through as many steam cleaning jobs as you can until you reach the last song. You’d be surprised how much you can get done!

Spring Clean

Turning your spring cleaning into a workout is a great way to stay motivated and on top of your housework.