Spring Cleaning: Steam Cleaners vs Vacuum

Spring Cleaning: Steam Cleaners vs Vacuum

With warmer days and brighter weather on the way, you might be starting to think about having a spring clean.

Spring cleaning can be one of the most satisfying rituals of the year. But it can also be overwhelming and time consuming, particularly when you’re tackling large areas of your home.

Like everything else, carpets and hard flooring see their fair share of dust and dirt. If you’re wondering what’s the best appliance to use and are debating between a vacuum and a steam cleaner – we’re here to help clear things up.

Vacuums and steam cleaners are your go-to appliances for cleaning floors. Both have their advantages but also have different purposes when it comes to cleaning your home.

Vacuum Cleaners

The traditional vacuum cleaner uses suction to trap and lift dust, hair, crumbs and any loose debris off your flooring.

Vacuums are also effective at cleaning up particles, like pet hair, that can trigger allergies. They don’t need any additional cleaning solutions or chemicals to function either.

Today, many household vacuums are cordless, which makes them easy to move around corners and underneath furniture. They also have handy attachments to help you clean hard-to-reach areas of your home. Vacuums are compact, portable and powerful cleaning appliances with many sophisticated features.

By vacuuming regularly, you’ll help to keep your flooring in good condition – and your home feeling fresh.

Steam Cleaners

The biggest difference between vacuums and steam cleaners, is that steam cleaners use water vapor to clean, sanitize and deodorize. Steam cleaners are designed to tackle stubborn stains and spills that the suction of vacuums can’t budge.

Due to the high temperatures of the steam (392 degrees fahrenheit), this type of cleaning appliance can loosen, lift and locks-in grime, as well as kill harmful bacteria and dust mites. Steam cleaners don’t need any harsh chemicals or additional cleaning solutions to work effectively.

What can I steam clean?

Steam cleaners can return many household floors to a pristine condition. They can clean sealed tiles, sealed hardwood floors, sealed laminate, carpet, marble, ceramic and stone flooring.

Depending on the type of steam cleaner you’re using, they can also often clean grout, sinks, bathtubs, countertops, mattresses, upholstery, showers, ovens, stove tops, grills and windows.

What can’t I steam clean?

Steam cleaners cannot be used on unsealed floors, as the flooring is highly absorbent and exposure to this kind of heat can melt plastic, which can cause unsealed wood or laminate flooring to warp, swell or twist.

H2O Steam Cleaning Range

At Thane, we offer the latest range of H2O steam cleaners to help you tackle tough stains and grime in your home. From the H2O X5 to the H2O Steam FX Pro, you’ll find lightweight, fast and powerful solutions to take on your spring clean.

The H2O HD is our most advanced steam cleaner. With enhanced, high definition features, it will leave your home sparkling clean in lightning speed. The H2O HD is a multi-functional steam cleaner that can clean, sanitize and deodorize many surfaces around your home. It will penetrate deep into the surface and kill any bacteria lurking beneath.

As mentioned above, steam cleaners can work across multiple surfaces. The H2O HD can clean sealed hard flooring, carpets, garments, upholstery and windows. It also weighs less than 5lbs, which makes it easy to navigate around a room and underneath furniture.

The H2O HD also converts into a nifty hand-held unit to clean all those hard to reach places. Its extra-large cleaning head covers more surfaces in less time, meaning you’ll clean faster.

Steam cleaning is not only an easy method, it’s an effective solution too. The H2O HD will kill 99% of bacteria without any chemicals, due to the power of the steam.

Like all steam cleaners in the H2O Steam Cleaning range, it comes with a selection of handy accessories for you to carryout various jobs around your home, including a Carpet Glider, Angled Jet Nozzle and Microfibre Cloth for Mop Head. And with so many functions available, you won’t need to invest in other cleaning products, which could save you money!

Although steam cleaning is a more powerful cleaning method compared to vacuuming, both are effective for different purposes.

To achieve the best results, we recommend using a vacuum to collect any loose dirt and debris sitting on the top layer of the surface, then use a H2O Steam Cleaner to tackle tough stains and kill germs lurking deep in the surface.

A H2O Steam Cleaner will work slower than traditional vacuums, so it’s important not to rush when using them in order to achieve a sparkling clean finish.

View Thane’s full H2O steam cleaning range here.