Suffering From allergies? Here’s Why You Should Consider Steam Cleaning

Suffering From allergies? Here’s Why You Should Consider Steam Cleaning

It’s that time of year again. You’re sniffling, sneezing, and have a scratchy, sore throat to match. These irritating symptoms can only mean one thing: the allergy season is back.

If you’re suffering from seasonal allergies, like hay-fever, your immune system is most likely having an overreaction to pollen and mold spores.

The good news, you keep your allergies at bay by regularly steam cleaning your home. Steam cleaning will not only leave your surfaces looking spotless, but it will also help to reduce the triggers of allergies and relieve you of any symptoms.


Meet your new allergy-fighter

The H2O Steam range is an eco-friendly way to clean your home

At Thane, we offer the latest range of H2O Steam Mops to help you fight back against the allergens living in your home. From the H2O X5® to the H2O® Steam FX Pro, you’ll find lightweight, fast and powerful solutions to take on allergy season.

How can steam cleaning help to reduce allergies?

H2O Steam Cleaners kill 99% of germs, bacteria & viruses

If you’re looking to get your allergies under control, your initial thought will be to get some sort of over-the-counter treatment. But you can minimize your symptoms, and even your need for medication, by keeping on top of your cleaning routine.

Dusting and vacuuming are your usual go-to cleaning methods for cracking down on the dirt in your home. Yet, with seasonal allergies at an all-time high – and set to rise according to experts – you may need something stronger.

That’s where steam cleaning can help.

Steam cleaners are designed to thoroughly clean and help sanitize surfaces around your home, without the use of chemicals.

Steam cleaning products, just like the H2O Steam Mops, work by producing hot water vapor that instantly eliminates dirt, bacteria, dust mites, and other allergens.

The power of the steam blasts away bacterial biofilms found on the surfaces in your home. Steam cleaning is a more effective method than vacuuming, due to the high temperatures of the vapors that are being released. In fact, H2O Steam Mops can kill 99% of bacteria. And don’t worry about mildew or mold after steaming, the H2O Steam Mops range has a low moisture content so the surface will dry quickly.

Steam cleaners can work on a range of flooring, yet it’s your rugs and carpets that you’ll want to focus on during allergy season. They’re a playground for millions of dust mites, which are second only to pollen in causing allergic reactions in humans.

H2O Steam Mops can penetrate deep into the carpet and kill any allergens or bacteria lurking beneath the surface – something most vacuum cleaners can’t achieve.

Steam cleaning not only removes dirt and bacteria from your carpet, but it can also banish any pet dander or odors that trigger allergies. The heat mixed with the low moisture opens pores, getting deep down to neutralize odors.

More reasons why you should steam clean

H2O Steam Mops

Steam cleaners can be used all year long, not just for allergy season. Here’s a quick rundown of the other benefits of introducing H2O Steam Mops to your cleaning routine:

  • H2O Steam Mops work across multiple surfaces including, hard flooring, carpets, garments, upholstery, and windows.
  • If you choose to clean your windows with a steam cleaner, you’re guaranteed a streak-free finish.
  • H2O Steam Mops are easy to use and weigh less than 2.5 kg, so you can easily transport them around your home.
  • If you invest in a steam cleaner, you’ll save money in the long run as you won’t have to purchase other cleaning products.
  • Plus, many cleaning products in the H2O Steam Mops range come with handy accessories to get rid of dirt in hard to reach nooks and crannies.


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