Why the H2O HD Advanced Steam Mop is the Best Steam Mop You Can Buy

Why the H2O HD Advanced Steam Mop is the Best Steam Mop You Can Buy

You’ve decided you want to purchase your own steam mop. But where do you start? Naturally, you want the best product for you and your family. A steam mop that can clean and sanitize your home effectively – as well as protect yourself and your family from germs, bacteria and allergens.

At Thane, we offer some of the leading cleaning solutions on the market. And that includes the award-winning H2O HD Advanced Steam Mop.

With enhanced high definition features, this multi-functional mop is the best steam cleaner you can buy. It can quickly and thoroughly deep clean and sanitize multiple flooring in your home without the use of harsh chemicals.

Here’s why you should buy an H2O HD Advanced Steam Mop instead of other steam mops.

The H2O HD Advanced Steam Mop is easy to use

The H2O Steam range is an eco-friendly way to clean your home

Put simply, the H2O HD Advanced Steam Mop makes housework less of a chore. You’ll be able to clean your entire home easily and without any hassle. The H2O HD Advanced Steam Mop uses only tap water and turns it into superheated steam to clean, sanitize and deodorize household flooring.

Due to the high temperatures of the water vapor (200 degrees) and the power of the steam, the H2O HD Advanced Steam Mop can loosen, lift, and lock-in stubborn stains and grime, as well as kill harmful bacteria and dust mites.

The H2O HD Advanced Steam Mop can return many household floors to a pristine condition, including clean sealed tile, sealed hardwood floors, sealed laminate, carpet, marble, ceramic, and stone flooring.

And because it weighs less than 2.5 kg, it makes light work of heavy-duty cleaning. You can easily move it around rooms of all shapes and sizes, and underneath furniture.

The H2O HD Advanced Steam Mop is fast

H2O Steam Mops

The H2O HD Advanced Steam Mop has a compact and streamlined design to help leave your home sparkling clean in lightning speed. With an extra-large swivel cleaning head, you can cover more surfaces in less time.

It also has a detachable hand-held unit that can be quickly and easily released for you to clean all those hard-to-reach places. There’s a removable water tank too, which makes filling up fast and holds 450 ml for more cleaning time.

Like all steam cleaners in the H2O Steam Mops range, the H2O HD Advanced Steam Mop comes with a selection of handy accessories for you to quickly and efficiently clean various jobs around your home, including a Carpet Glider, Angled Jet Nozzle, and Microfibre Cloth for Mop Head.

The H2O HD Advanced Steam Mop is hygienic

H2O Steam Mops

Cleaning your home with the H2O HD Advanced  Steam Mop is not only an easy and quick method, it’s a hygienic solution too. Thanks to its powerful jets of steam, it can penetrate deep into many surfaces and kill bacteria lurking beneath. The H2O HD Advanced Steam Mop will kill 99% of bacteria such as salmonella, E.coli, S. Aureus, influenza, and listeria.

By sanitizing and deodorizing surfaces with the H2O HD Advanced Steam Mop, you’ll help to make your home safer for you and your family. And because the steam mop only uses water vapor to work, you’ll protect your home from harmful chemicals.

With over 12 million sold worldwide – why not join the millions of satisfied customers and pick up your own H2O Advanced HD Steam Mop? Get yours today here.