How regular exercise gives your immune system a boost

How regular exercise gives your immune system a boost

When the cold weather kicks in, coughs and colds start to spread. With the pandemic still fresh in our minds too, lots of us are looking for ways to help give our immune systems a boost this season. Your immune system is basically there to help you fight off illness. By far the best way you can boost your immune system is to lead a healthy lifestyle. That means cutting out unhealthy practices like smoking or drinking too much alcohol. At the same time, doing more of the good stuff like eating fruit and vegetables, and exercising either for weight loss, or to improve your strength.

Exercise is the best medicine

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If you’re out of practice exercise-wise, then getting started again can feel like a bit of a slog. But the pain is worth it. Put simply, if you keep physically fit, you keep your immune system fit too. It works like this: every time you do some exercise – be it a simple home workout or some strength training – you increase your blood flow. This improves the circulation of white blood cells, your body’s main defence against germs. Just 15 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise or resistance training is enough to keep these immune system supporters racing round your body.

Strength training, resistance training… how to work out at home

Warm Up

When you haven’t exercised for a while and it’s cold and miserable outside, it can be hard to find the motivation. The good news is that you can get back in the groove quickly by trying a simple home workout. You want to find a routine that gets you a bit out of breath and with your blood pumping. Strength training and resistance training are quite similar in that they both help with weight loss and improve your flexibility – both of which have a positive impact on your immune system. Here are two clever pieces of home workout equipment worth exploring.

Enjoy a complete home workout with the Total Flex M

The Total Flex M is an all-in-one personal gym trainer that’s perfect for your home workout. With its Multi-Flex Resistance cables it lets you perform safe, smooth resistance training, with no need for heavy, clunky weights. It comes almost fully set up straight out of the box, so you can get started right away. Plus, you perform all the exercises sat down, so you don’t place any strain on your back. You can tighten, tone, and strengthen your body in simple sessions of just 20 minutes each. And when you’re done, simply fold your Total Flex M away for easy storage.

Try the Ab Doer 360

If you want to start a safe and relatively gentle home workout, that still gives great results, you should look into the Ab Doer 360. This clever ab toner not only helps with weight loss, but it builds your aerobic stamina, tones your muscles and strengthens your core. Even better, it does all this while you’re in a seated position. So, it means you can get into a simple strength training routine that will support your immune system, without ever having to get down on the cold, hard floor to exercise.

For more information on how we make getting fit fun, check out the complete range of Thane home workout equipment here.