How To Make Fitness Easy In 2022

How To Make Fitness Easy In 2022

2022 has just begun and, like most people, you have a list of new resolutions to help make the best of this year. A popular goal for many is better health and fitness. And thanks to continued innovations and breakthroughs, working out in the comfort and safety of home is easier and more effective than ever!

But with every great resolution comes a list of difficult decisions: where do you start, what equipment should you choose, which workouts are most effective for my personal goals? The questions are endless and with the amount of fitness information and disinformation available, it can be very overwhelming and daunting!

There must be an easier way.

Well, relax because we have you covered! Below you will find several in-home fitness options guaranteed to help you achieve your fitness goals in 2022. Each piece of equipment has been carefully researched and developed by some of the best fitness engineers and experts in the business. And best of all, each product has been tested by real people just like you for ease of use and overall satisfaction. With one, or all three, of these fitness innovations, your fitness resolutions are easily within your grasp!

Full body workout with Total Flex M

Woman using the Total Flex M to target shoulder muscles.

The Total Flex M is like having your own portable piece of gym-standard home workout equipment. With its multi-flex resistance cables, it lets you perform multiple resistance-training exercises, all from the comfort of your own home. The enclosed guide details over 40 different exercises that you can do quickly and easily – from stretching out your legs to building up your arm muscles. Best of all, you’ll start seeing immediate results with a home workout of just 20 minutes a day.


Transform your core with Ab Doer 360 

Flexibility, effectiveness, workout variety are a few of the things you should consider when picking out any piece of fitness equipment.  Instead of spending a small fortune on one single piece of specialized equipment that only works out one area of your body, consider looking for a device that allows you to have a full-body toning workout from top to bottom, while also burning calories and fat to help promote weight loss.

The new and re-engineered Ab Doer 360 is the answer. Invented by fitness expert John Abdo, the Ab Doer 360 is a single piece of equipment designed to give anyone at any fitness level a full body transformation. The Ab Doer 360 uses ABDOBICS™, a revolutionary workout scientifically designed to burn calories and build muscle at the same time!  This allows you to cut down on your workout time as you get two workouts in one easy to do, fun movement.

“Sit and get fit” with the Ab Doer 360 as its patented support column provides just the right amount of resistance to activate your core and spinal muscles in all directions. At the same time, the dual foam rollers provide a soothing back massage and ease the tensions of everyday life. Best of all, the Ab Doer 360 features a unique dynamic “fluidity seat” that moves while you move so you engage more muscles when you work out while at the same time take the pressure off your pelvis, tailbone, and hip joints.

Perfect for anyone who wants to get in shape, the Ab Doer 360 is the fun, easy and fast way to get a full-body workout, burn calories all over in the comfort and safety of home.

Stay active and healthy with Orbitrek MX

Over the past 2 years, people often find themselves staying at home more than ever. And with this reality, it is now harder than ever to move and stay active. But the daily movement is so important! Staying active in your daily life helps brighten moods, improve overall health, and just makes you feel younger and more vibrant. Unfortunately, with the new reality of our lives, more and more people find themselves spending hours sitting at their desks or in front of a TV. So much so experts have begun to call sitting “the new smoking.”  The good news is that there are fitness solutions to help combat this problem.

With Orbitrek MX anyone can get moving and stay active while sitting down. So, whether you are reading a book, watching TV, or even working, you can enjoy a simple workout that activates the large muscle groups of your legs and gets your heart pumping. The large elliptical movement of the Orbirtrek MX is natural and easy to do. And it is super low impact, so you won’t add unnecessary impact to your ankles, knees, hips, and back. Using the Orbitrek MX just a few minutes a day offers so many health benefits!  You can help strengthen all your lower body muscles, improve mobility, increase circulation, brighten your mood and so much more!

The Orbitrek MX features a modern compact design that fits anywhere. It also comes complete with a handy remote so there is no bending over as you choose from 5-speed levels and 3 program modes. All in all, it is the perfect option for all ages and can be shared among family members to promote a good and healthy lifestyle.