Looking to lose weight? Here’s why cycling is the way to do it.

Looking to lose weight? Here’s why cycling is the way to do it.

Cycling is a really simple way to lose weight. Unlike jogging or team sports, it’s a low impact form of exercise. Good news if you have back problems or dodgy knees. You can build up a good sweat while out cycling, all the while knowing that you’re not putting your joints under stress.

Explore your local area on 2 wheels

Bike Nook

You don’t have to have a fixed route in mind when you start cycling. Half the fun is just setting off and seeing where your journey takes you. That said, if you want a more structured approach, think about any local beauty spots that you’d normally drive to. Anything within a ten mile radius is perfectly easy to reach on your bike. In fact, even cycling at a moderate pace, you’d be surprised how quickly you can reach places on your bike.

Use Google Maps to find the hidden cycleways

Bike Nook

Technology is your friend while you’re cycling too. Simply set your destination, just as you would if you were driving, and Google Maps will find you the ideal cycling route. In practice, this means taking you down quieter, less traffic-heavy side streets, or even off-road along disused railway lines, or towpaths. It’s worth looking into a cradle for your bike, so that you can fix your phone in place while you’re riding.

Make your bike easier to access with Bike Nook


The Bike Nook is a genius way to store your bike upright in your shed or garage. It saves you a whole lot of space – especially if you have multiple bikes in your family – and it makes each bike easy to access and put away, too. Just roll the back wheel onto the ramp, tilt the front wheel up and lock it in place.

You can find out more about the brilliant Bike Nook here.

Remember to refuel in a healthy way

FlavorStone Diamond Edition - The Pan That Can

It’s always tempting to reward yourself after you’ve gone for a good, long ride. How often do you see groups of cyclists sat outside cafes or pubs, for example? But if you’re trying to lose weight, it’s better to take a more disciplined approach to eating after your ride. So, skip the sweet treats and knock up something healthy and nutritious instead. Stir-fries are a great way to replace the carbs you’ve burnt off while riding and top up your protein levels to help turn fat into muscle.

One investment that’s worth making is the FlavorStone Diamond pan. The genius of the FlavorStone Diamond pan is in its diamond-tough, non-stick coating. This allows you to knock up delicious stir-fried meals without any oil at all. Not only that, its square shape gives you 25% extra cooking area, meaning you can rustle up a meal for the whole family in no time.

Can’t get a bike? How about these 2 indoor fitness alternatives?

Bike Nook

During the first lockdown, it felt like lots of people had the same idea at once and rushed out to buy a bike. If you were slow off the mark, you’d quickly have discovered that many bike shops were out of stock. The good news is that, when you don’t have access to a bike, you do have alternative indoor options.

Cycle, Climb, Jog, Step and Cross-train on the Orbitrek X17

Orbitrek X17 - Multipath Trainer - Move your body the way nature intended.

Let’s be honest, not everyone finds exercising fun. What’s brilliant about the Orbitrek X17 is that it mimics the movements of 5 different exercises – in one simple machine. Plus, with its 17 ever-changing burn paths, you get a more effective workout in much less time. So, as an alternative to taking your bike out for a spin, why not consider the Orbitrek X17 instead?

Work on your six-pack with the Ab Doer 360

work your core

The Ab Doer 360 makes it super easy for you to work your upper, middle and lower abs and your obliques. It’s a low impact fitness machine that stores away easily but gives you a proper workout when you take it out.

If you already own a bicycle, you can use the Ab Doer 360 to tone up your core after you’ve done your cardio and aerobic exercise on your bike.